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Measure of common breakdown analysis shows spot meter system
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Measure of common breakdown analysis shows spot meter system

Current, as level of automation of company of petrifaction, steely, papermaking, food, medicine rise ceaselessly, the technical level that maintains staff to spot appearance raised taller requirement. Handle instrument malfunction time to shorten, make sure safe production raises economic benefits, the article publishs spot of a bit appearance to safeguard experience, defend personnel reference for appearance.

One, the fundamental analysis measure of breakdown of spot meter system

Spot appearance measures parameter general component is temperature, pressure, discharge, fluid 4 big parameter.

Those who show a basis to measure parameter is different, will analyse place of different spot instrument malfunction.

1. Above all, before analysing spot instrument malfunction, circumstance of technology of the manufacturing process that should understand relevant meter system more lucidly, production reachs a condition, understand intention of the design program of meter system, design, the structure of meter system, characteristic, function and parameter requirement.

2. Before the analysis checks breakdown of spot meter system, the parameter change case that wants the negative charge that understands production to field work worker and raw material, examine the record curve of breakdown appearance, undertake integration analysis, in order to decide instrument malfunction reason is in.

3. If appearance records a curve to be a deadline (the wire that a bit change also does not have calls deadline) , or record curve is wave motion so, become suddenly now linear; Breakdown is in probably meter system. Because at present recorder watch is all of DCS computer science department mostly, sensitivity is very tall, the response with the very can sensitive change of parameter comes out. Can change craft parameter artificially right now, treat curvilinear change condition. Be like indeclinable, concluding basically is meter system gave an issue; If have normal change, conclude meter system does not have big question basically.

4. When metabolic craft parameter, discovery records curvilinear happening mutation or jump the biggest or the smallest, right now breakdown often also is in meter system.

5. Breakdown appears it is normal that appearance records a curve to be behaved all the time before, curve of the record after occurrence wave motion becomes be without the rule or make the system is controlled hard, change even the hand the operation even incontrollable also, right now may craft operating system causes trouble.

6. When discovering DCS shows appearance is abnormal, can check the indicated value of same and intuitionistic appearance to the spot, if their difference is very big, probable it is meter system occurrence breakdown.

Anyhow, when analysing reason of spot instrument malfunction, want special attention to be measured to control object and the characteristic change that dominate a powerful person or family, these may be the causes that cause trouble of spot meter system. So, we should be mixed from spot meter system two respects consider craft operating system integratedly, anatomize, check reason place.
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