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Annulus of inside and outside of bearing of useless old roll is developing the a
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1 preface
Rushing in reducing a standard, those who use morer is round hole die and circle fall makings model. In these two kinds of moulds, the material of protruding, sunken model often chooses steel of tool of element of high grade carbon (wait for) like T7A, T8A, T01A, the price is higher, plus quench wait for treatment working procedure, mould cost rises subsequently. There are a few scrolls to bearing is become because of ball only or roll in factory middling of the dot corrode of groove or ball bracket rupture and discard as useless, and of scroll bearing inside, coat basically does not have attaint, its material is chromic bearing steel and new bearing steel, be like: GCr15, GCr95SiMN, GCr15SiMn, GCr9, GSiMnV. Stuff is better, hardness is taller, it is 60-64HRC commonly. Treat these bearing as cost tastes processing to drop, waste is bigger. Pass a test, scroll bearing inside, coat uses die of Yu Yuan aperture and circle to fall the punch-die of makings model, but managing mould material, can shorten the mould makes cycle, reduce mould cost, simple and practical.
Inside the 2 bearing that choose proper measure, coat
Graph 1a is one bearing liner, when doing punch to use, use dimension basically is external diameter D1; When doing sunken model to use, on use dimension if internal diameter D. Graph Lb is one bearing coat, when doing punch to use, on use dimension if external diameter D; When doing sunken model to use, use dimension basically is internal diameter D1. When doing punch to use, inside, the external diameter D1 of coat and D summary are more than punching dimension or fall makings dimension; When doing sunken model to use, inside, the internal diameter D of coat and D1, summary is less than punching dimension or fall makings dimension, so that press a design,requirement redo is added.
Because D1, D, D1, D is not successive, if the amount of useless old bearing is not much, basis punching or fall makings dimension chooses afore-mentioned bearing inside, the dimension of coat can have difficulty, this pays attention to what collect a few useless old bearing more at ordinary times with respect to need inside, coat, after measuring number is made on coat inside, make good record, so that use when can search quickly. Additional, when designing a product, also consult as far as possible at that time already inside some bearing, coat dimension will devise the measure of aperture or fall makings dimension.

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