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Foreign advanced machine tool can lengthen the besmear of mould life to install
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Foreign advanced machine tool can lengthen the besmear of mould life to install a technology east

Advanced machine tool silvers coin east (Toyo Advanced Technologies, headquarters: Hiroshima city) , the TiC of film “ low temperature that development went to face punch pattern (carbonization titanium) ” , use PVD (law of physical evaporate plating) get on TiC besmear outfit in the mould. Because use microtherm processing, the dimension precision of the mould after coating and appearance precision are taller, and be able to bear or endure bad news performance is superior.

Usually, use CVD (law of chemical evaporate plating) formation TiC film, as a result of harder and slip sex is tall, because this is multi-purpose at tall tension armor plate compress the need such as the mould to bear in the mould of high load capacity. But must undertake in 1000 ℃ left and right sides high temperature is handled. On the other hand, although PVD inferiors in velar adherence and coating sex respect at CVD, but because can be in,the low temperature under 500 ℃ undertakes handling, heat is out of shape lesser, dimension precision and appearance precision are taller. Recently, the case that has coat through PVD means to raise precision is increasing gradually.

The microtherm TiC of new development, the advantage —— measure that has PVD not only and appearance precision are tall, have the can improve mould life function of CVD at the same time. Differ with CVD law, coating need not heat treatment. Additional, because the appearance of the mould and precision are taller, need not undertake adjustment when the condition before the mould combination is coating, after because this compresses a mould,be being finished short-term inside can begin a quantity produce.

When using new technology to undertake handling, to make up for secret to the TiC of mould mother capable person put forth effort low defect of this one PVD, form tall to adherence of mother capable person film above all. Form the TiC coating with several thick μm through thin film next. The TiC film that such formation, with the P-TiCN that handles through PVD (charcoal nitrogen changes titanium) photograph comparing, the secret put forth effort of hardness and film all raised 1.3 times about.

Additional, the kind that this company plans to will use microtherm TiC technology the “INTERMOLD 2007” that in April 2007 25 ~ hold 28 days (Tokyo BIG SIGHT) go up showpiece.

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