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A few kinds of typical activity press bearing structure and application
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Activity of construction of 1. depth antrum presses bearing: Apply to the machine tool main shaft that high speed carries gently, if the circle outside M1432 is ground, MGA6025 tool is ground etc.

Activity of antrum of depth of reduce expenditure of face of annulus of 2. aperture type presses bearing: Apply to the machine tool main shaft that carries in middling speed, if the circle outside MG1432 is ground, MM7150 plane abrasion, M1080 is ground involuntarily, roller is ground etc.

3. column sells activity of the feedback inside type to press bearing: Apply to the machine tool main shaft with load and speed large span.

4. is conic static press bearing: Agree with system of main shaft of wheelhead of the circle inside high speed (be like 2110 inside round wheelhead) , electric main shaft, and inside raceway groove grinder.

Use note

1. Oil of 2# main shaft and core of wide choice filter should change after using a year normally.

2. When normal use pumping station wants additional oil must cloth of 3 silk fabric filters join.

3. Main shaft leather belt annulus, undertake below the condition that when emery wheel assembles and unassemble, must work in pumping station. Undertake below the state that main shaft has in the calm on the surface that press oil namely. Do not injure main shaft and activity to press bearing so.

4. Pressure of pumping station of the observation before grinding spindle works and wheelhead are static pressure whether be inside normative limits.

5. Equipment stops when machine, must stop wheelhead electric machinery first, wait for emery wheel to stop firm hind, put out pumping station again, injure wheelhead easily otherwise.

6. Trade any component on pumping station, must first discharge drops high pressure to take oily tube contact, change after the spare parts, oil path ego circulates 15 ∽ 20 minutes rear can receive oil inlet pipe on wheelhead, the main shaft oil that assured to enter wheelhead so is to pass what essence of life filters to exceed oil of clean main shaft. Make the service life that can prolong activity to press main shaft so.

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