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Bearing heat treatment develops course and technical application effect
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Heat treatment technology applies the result

(1) enlarged GCr15 steel to use range.

The ferrule when M of popularly GCr15 steel quenchs is effective the wall is large it is under 12mm, but when BL quenchs as a result of saltpetre salt cooling power is strong, if adopt mix, string move, impose the measure such as water, ferrule is effective the wall is large can expand to 28mm left and right sides.

(2) hardness stability, uniformity is good

Because BL change is a slow process, general GCr15 steel needs 4h, GCr18Mo steel needs 5h, ferrule is long in saltpetre salt isothermal, exterior core organizes change to undertake at the same time almost, hardness stability, uniformity is accordingly good, the hardness after BL of general GCr15 steel quenchs is in 59 ~ 61HRC, uniformity ≤1HRC, unlike wall of the ferrule when quenching thick a few more largish with respect to occurrence hardness low, soft spots, uniformity is differred wait for a problem.

(3) decrease quench, grinding crackle

In production of bearing of railroad, rolling mill, as a result of ferrule dimension big, weight is weighed, brittleness of organization of the M when oil hardening is big, often take strong cooling step to make tall hardness is obtained after quenching, the result is brought about quench micro-crack; And when BL quenchs, it is good that as a result of BL the organization organizes tenacity than M much, at the same time the surface is formed be as high as - 400 ~ - of 500MPa press stress, reduced greatly quench crackle tendency; When grinding treatment exterior pressing stress offsetted partial grinding stress, make integral stress level falls, reduced grinding crackle greatly.

(4) bearing service life rises

Bearing of the railroad that pounds load greatly to bearing, rolling mill, when after classics M quenchs, using, form of main be no longer in force is: Craze of the liner when assembling, rib of concussion outer lane suffers to drop in use process piece, inner ring disintegrate, and isotherm quenchs good as a result of concussion tenacity, surface presses bearing stress, no matter assemble when liner craze, rib of the coat in still using a process is dropped piece, liner disintegrate tendentiousness is reduced greatly, and the brim stress concentration that can reduce roller. Accordingly, the mean life after after classics isotherm quenchs, quenching than M and dependability rise.

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