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Bearing heat treatment develops course and technical application effect
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Heat treatment develops course

(1) clean heat treatment

The liquid waste that heat treatment production forms, waste gas, useless salt, dust, noise and electromagnetism radiate all meet cause pollution to the environment. The environment that solves heat treatment pollutes a problem, execute clean heat treatment (or call green environmental protection heat treatment) one of direction that are development of technology of developed country heat treatment. Discharge cinderily to reduce SO2, CO, CO2, dust to reach, put an end to use coal basically already to make fuel, the use quantity of heavy oil is less and less also, convert of light oil be in the majority, natural gas remains optimal fuel.

The useless heat of combustion furnace is used already achieved very high rate, of burner structure optimize and empty — lighted compared strict control to make sure reasonable flaming premise falls, make NOX and CO drop lowermost limit; Nitrogen of use gas cementite, carbon in all ooze and technology of vacuum heat treatment replace saline bath processing to be reached in order to reduce useless salt contain CN- toxicant the pollution to fountainhead; Use water-solubility to synthesize quenching oil to replace partial quenching oil, use live thing but degradation vegetable oil replaces partial mineral oil to be polluted in order to reduce oil.

(2) accurate heat treatment

Accurate heat treatment has the meaning of two respects: It is dimension of the use requirement according to the spare parts, material, structure on one hand, use physical metallurgy knowledge and advanced computer simulation and detect technology, optimize craft parameter, achieve requires performance or utmost ground to develop the latent capacity of material; It is the stability that assures adequately to optimize craft on the other hand, implementation product quality is spent dispersedly very small (or for 0) reach heat treatment distortion for 0.

(3) energy-saving heat treatment

Scientific production and energy management are the sources of energy use effectively most potential element, build professional heat treatment the choice that the factory develops equipment ability production, adequately with assuring full load is science management. In respect of structure of heat treatment the sources of energy, first choice the sources of energy; Make full use of useless heat, more than heat; Use waste time the craft with can low, short cycle replaces cycle the technology with long, can big bad news.

(4) do not have oxidation heat treatment less

By use protective atmosphere to heat replace what oxidation atmosphere heats to command carbolic situation, nitrogen force accurately to be able to accuse atmosphere to heat, the function of the spare parts after heat treatment gets rising, heat treatment blemish is like decarbonization, crackle to wait to decrease greatly, the finish machining allowance after heat treatment decreases, the utilization rate that raised material and machine machine efficiency. Vacuum adds carbon of heat temper by dipping in water, vacuum or low-pressure cementite, nitriding, nitrogen in all ooze and ooze boron can improve quality apparently, reduce distortion, improve life.
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