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"Listen " the electric machinery bearing that go out wears away
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On April 10, anqing petrifaction oil refining issues labor contest commend to make, cover operator of constant decompression plant to Ⅱ seasonable “ listens to Wang Guangming ” gives electric machinery bearing to wear away, the achievement that assures smooth and steady production of ” of “ bibcock device gives order of commendation.

On April 8 night 3 when make, Ⅱ covers Wang Guangming of operator of constant decompression plant to be when check of pump division make one's rounds, in the banging song from pump of machine of a few movement, the electric machinery that feels pump 112/1 has some of cacophony. He undertook microscope to this pump and electric machinery instantly, the vibration that discovers electric machinery and pump also is compared increase slightly at ordinary times. He is judged according to old operation experience, the electric machinery bearing of this pump may have a problem.

Pump 112/1 is the pump of important loop machine that Ⅱ covers constant decompression plant (constant bottom oil pump) , if malfunction, run what affect unit circulatory system directly continuously, serious when bring about Ⅱ possibly even to cover constant decompression blame of ” of device of bibcock of this one “ plans shutdown. No time to lose in doing the job, wang Guangming runs back to operation room to report to the monitor instantly. After the monitor is checked to the spot, agreed with Wang Guangming's judgement further. Then instantly to attemper report of the member that reach exercise ministry watch, the member that contact electric watch at the same time is checked to the spot, the requirement after electric personnel classics is checked instantly switch machine pump moves. Xiu Jian is torn open to decide via electric personnel after, bearing of this electric machinery already deterioration of ropes

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