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Lube of hydraulic pressure of numerical control machine tool road analysis and s
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An Italy Ao Likang that milling machine of profile modeling of MT2V numerical control is my factory entrance (the milling machine of numerical control profile modeling that OERLIKON) company produces, after installation was debugged in July 1997, cast a person formally to use. January began 1998, in cold machine hydraulic pressure of the machine tool that start lubricates after the system, begin oily stoppage of leakage of lower end of box of occurrence main shaft, drop as air temperature leakage oil is more and more serious, but after main shaft starts 20min leakage oil begins phase out. It is normal that in this process the machine tool works each, also do not have any calling the police to hint.
Milling machine of profile modeling of MT2V numerical control belongs to heavy-duty machine tool, automatic lubricant system finishs the slideway that its lubricate to become independent by to slideway each: Milling machine of profile modeling of numerical control of the FB2V that lubricant system and Ao Likang company produce its hydraulic pressure and main shaft, FB3V has bigger difference, its hydraulic pressure and main shaft are lubricant the principle is shown like plan institute. Hydraulic pressure and main shaft are lubricant and common advocate gasoline tank (use HM68 is fought rub hydraulic pressure oily) , electromotor M1 drives roll of 1P of coaxial gear pump, 2P, 1P carries one-way a powerful person 5, charge overflow a powerful person continuously 6, accumulator the 8 hydraulic pressure that wait to offer pressure to be 8MPa to system of machine tool hydraulic pressure are oily, will control gearshift of archives of main shaft speed, cutting tool to block head clamp to loosen by each electromagnetism a powerful person, clamp of main shaft nose is loosened and Z axis clamp is loosened. 2P is passed charge overflow a powerful person continuously 2, refrigeration implement box of 1 pair of main shaft offers lubricating oil, divide vitta to wait to the bearing inside main shaft box, gear via each again after undertaking lubricating, the assemble answers oily pool bottomly to main shaft box, smoke by 3P of pump of the gear that answer oil time advocate gasoline tank 3 inside. Machine tool advocate after mains switch closes, 3P starts 20s automatically, in order to take a poll that answer oil inside keep oil; Lubricant system starts hydraulic pressure, 3P as start; Lubricant system stops hydraulic pressure, 45s of 3P delay time stops machine, in order to pump a more than oil inside the pool that answer oil. Refrigeration implement 1 detect the lube that has shed its interior, when lube oil temperature rise arrives high when set temperature condenser is started, undertake compulsive refrigeration to lube, when lube oil lukewarm under set when oil is lukewarm, condenser stops.

1. refrigeration implement 2, 6. Charge overflow a powerful person continuously 3. Advocate gasoline tank 4. Oil purifier 5. One-way a powerful person 7. The hand moves shut-off valve
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