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Lengthen forklift clutch release shaft bear the method of life
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The detached bearing job that forklift clutch lights inside is frequent, its damage the frequency holds larger proportion in forklift breakdown, if driver operation is apt, maintain seasonable, can make this bearing uses 3 months left and right sides, but in in when repairing, also should change new. If driver technology level is inferior, drives forklift almost every month has detached bearing damage, attaint hind returns component of meeting disaster etc, depart for example lever and clutch piece etc, thereby the cost of raw materials that equipment maintains rises apparently.

Clutch release shaft bear is the reason of easy attaint in after all which? In practice, although ever asked the driver gives detached bearing a bit engine oil everyday strictly, this is operated not only trival, and bearing often still damages. Think via the analysis, because the high temperature of engine is passed to detached bearing, high speed of together with bearing rotates to also produce high temperature, below this kind of condition engine oil is put very hard stay inside bearing, bearing works continuously below high temperature condition, and lubricant condition is bad, this is the reason of frequent attaint.

Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, ever also experimenting to put bearing inside grease to heat, make grease soaks bearing inside, after such processing, although grease can be full of bearing, but the grease structure after be being handled as a result of classics high temperature is destroyed, function is reduced substantially, use this method effect and not ideal, the service life of bearing was not lengthened. We ever also used gun of pointed chew butter to note butter directly to detached bearing. Bring mount car again, detect via observation, the service life of bearing was lengthened greatly. Method of this one oiling got satisfactory result, but the operation is more complex. Explore again next indissoluble in engine below the circumstance of body, add note butter, it is first in 475

The try out on C engine gains a success, be in again after 475C and 480, 492 model the try out on engine, all got very good result. Carry out via relapsing, improve, sum up experience, formed a relatively simple oiling operation method finally, particular procedure is as follows:

(L) engine indissolubles the oiling method of body opens clutch cover above all, observe the wear out condition that investigates detached bearing, if affirm bearing is not had,wear away not to exceed be restricted, tear open next clutch pedal pad, adjust connecting rod axis is sold, dissociative bearing reachs his a go back the position to finally, gun of butter of the mouth that use a needle to bearing Kong Jia notes butter, till bearing has oil to spill over, turn a bit next bearing, again oiling, repeat above to work, until there is a few butter to spill over all round bearing, make bearing rotational again, observe oily quantity, if feel bearing roll has resistance, inside proof bearing already flood butter. Keep clear of next detached bearing a few butter that spill over everywhere, it is good to tear open the peg below and clutch cover to wait to be assembled afresh.
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