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About lifting appliance safety censorial regulations implements the technology i
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Qualitative check cases especially 2008 〕 of 〔 51

Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government:

" technology of lifting appliance security is censorial regulations - bridge crane " (TSGQ0002-2008, ” of regulations of “ of the following abbreviation) carried out on August 1, 2008, be aimed at current actual condition, to “ regulations the dynamoelectric calabash that involves in ” all must install the concerned problem such as lifting capacity limiter to inform as follows:

One, leave factory before July 31, 2008 of installation using a bridge crane, outside dividing the lifting appliance of swing melt metal to must be carried out according to “ regulations ” , other bridge crane ought to achieve each requirement that “ regulations ” sets through transform or changing before December 31, 2011;

2, the dynamoelectric calabash that involves in the bridge crane that leaves factory after August 1, 2008, except the dynamoelectric calabash that is used at swing melt metal, explosion proof dynamoelectric calabash and calabash of explosion proof pneumatic must be carried out according to “ regulations ” outside, the dynamoelectric calabash of other breed ought to install lifting capacity entirely before April 1, 2009 limiter and flow too (overload) protector.

Supervisory bureau of technology of each district quality encounters a problem in the job, report safety of equipment of total bureau special type is censorial in time please bureau.

Two years on July 29
On one: Jiangxi advances energetically energy-saving decrease a platoon [11][2008 year on August 5] below one: Safety of TSGQ0002-2008 bridge crane is censorial regulations [3][2008 year on August 5]

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