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Without stannic city elevator use safety supervises administrative measure
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" without stannic city elevator use safety supervises administrative measure " already 67 times via municipal mansion house on September 20, 2007 standing conference is passed, grant to announce now.

Mayor: Mao Xiaoping

2 OO 7 years on September 28


Without stannic city elevator use safety supervises administrative measure

General principles of the first chapter

To ensure people life is mixed the first belongings is safe, prevent and reduce an accident, the security that enhances this city elevator controls government, basis " safety of special type equipment is censorial byelaw " , " safety of equipment of Jiangsu province special type is censorial byelaw " concern a provision with the country, make this way.

This the 2nd method place weighs elevator, include to hold a person (goods) elevator, automatic staircase and automatic footpath.

The 3rd is used in what elevator is engaged in inside area of this city administration (include sale, installation, transform, maintenance, daily care and maintenance, safety examines) and relevant government activity, ought to observe this way.

The administration that the 4th Jiangsu saves supervisory bureau of technology of the quality that do not have stannum is supervisory administration of safety of this city elevator is in charge of a branch. City, city (county) , area quality technology supervises a department (branch of qualitative inspect of the following abbreviation) the safe supervisory government that is restricted to be in charge of the elevator inside area of politics of one's own profession according to respective administrative power works.

Canal of construction, room, industrial and commercial, safe production is supervised wait for administration department ought to according to respective duty, had done this city elevator to use safe and relevant job jointly.

Department of the 5th concerned administration and inspection agency of safety of special type equipment (inspection agency of the following abbreviation) in elevator use safety superintends a process in, ought to hold to civilian principle, for elevator sale, installation, transform, maintenance, use unit provides a service and strengthen guidance.

Government of the 6th various people ought to reinforce the lead that uses secure job to elevator, the harmonious, major problem in solving elevator to use secure job, prevent accident happening.

The 7th elevator uses an unit to ought to build perfect elevator safety to manage system and post system of safety responsibility to spend.

Experience of the 8th place in encouraging elevator to use is relevant responsibility unit, attend insurance of elevator safety liability, increase to be on guard and dissolve the ability of the risk.

The 2nd chapter uses government

The 9th is engaged in elevator sale, installation, transform, the unit that maintains an activity ought to fulfil following obligation:

(one) the newspaper of elevator catalogue item that elevator sale unit will sell pledges inspect branch puts on record. Course of study of condition foreign enterprise sells the elevator that makes outside the condition in this city, need the agent that makes clear its to be registered in Chinese churchyard, assume corresponding quality and relevant safety performance responsibility by its agent;
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