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About carrying out " safety of special type equipment is censorial byelaw " the
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Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, xinjiang production builds supervisory bureau of corps quality technology:
" safety of special type equipment is censorial byelaw " (byelaw of the following abbreviation) already carried out on June 1, 2003. Carry out to ensure byelaw is carried out correctly, the problem of a few catholicity in applying in the light of byelaw, offer following opinions now:
One, about safe and censorial job carry out
The security of special type equipment that provides in byelaw supervises management department, it is to show national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (total bureau of qualitative check of country of the following abbreviation) with supervisory bureau of technology of quality of prefectural above place () of branch of qualitative inspect of place of the following abbreviation. The administration that the country pledges check total bureau and place pledge inspect branch is this byelaw executes the law main body, the safety of special type equipment that sets inside its is censorial what the orgnaization is in charge of safe and censorial job is specific carry out.
Every is mixed to production of special type equipment, use unit examine detect the coercive measures of punishment of the administrative license that the orgnaization makes, administration, administration specific administration action that has sanction, and the abstract administration action such as file of the safe condition announcement that issues to the society, normative sex, all ought to pledge with the country check total bureau or the name of branch of local qualitative inspect is carried out; Action of other concerned administration, carry out according to concerned regulation.
2, about local laws and regulations, regulations and byelaw join
The provision of the local laws and regulations with censorial safety of equipment of concerned special type, regulations and orders to same question is inimical, ought to be with the regulation of byelaw accurate. Byelaw did not make a provision, can the regulation of the local laws and regulations with active and effective according to, regulations is carried out.
3, about sphere of special type device
Sphere of special type device pledges by the country formulate of check total bureau, the State Council is approved " list of special type equipment " affirmatory. Supervisory bureau of technology of former state quality promulgates " small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation " (supervisory bureau of technology of former state quality makes the 11st) in involve often press heat
The part of water boiler is carried out no longer.
4, the safety of the special type device that uses about railroad engine, maritime establishment and coal mine is censorial
Byelaw sets the 3rd times: The safety of the use special type device such as “ railroad engine, maritime establishment, coal mine is censorial and unwell with this byelaw ” . Among them:
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