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Guizhou 11 production units of special equipment production equipment failure
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According to the news of Quality Supervision Bureau in Guizhou Province, the Bureau recently released the 2010 production of special equipment unit administrative license supervision after inspection briefing, this report shows can be checked in the province's 80 production units of special equipment and gas cylinders filling unit, 11 units were criticized problems. Been criticized for producing 11 units of special equipment: State Power Generation Co., Ltd. Anshun, Guizhou Shuicheng Mining (Group) Bo Li and mechanical equipment, Guizhou Heng Rui Louyu Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., Chishui compressed natural gas Co., Ltd., Chi Baiyun District of Guiyang City into a gas Industrial Co., Ltd., Guiyang City, Hong Xing high acetylene gas plant, acetylene plant in Guizhou Huaxi Jin Yan, Jiaxin Fuquan oxygen acetylene plant, Ping Yang Qichang Fuquan racecourse, Tongren City Honda gas reserves stations, gas Tongren new century Limited. Bureau of Quality Supervision, said in Guizhou Province, was criticized in the 11 units required corrective actions within 3 months overdue rectification rectification or unqualified, as the case will be punished.
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