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Linfen City of Shanxi Bureau of Quality Supervision to strengthen safety supe
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To effectively prevent the occurrence of special equipment, we Linfen City of Shanxi Province Bureau of Quality Supervision focuses on major, attack difficult, focus on building long-term mechanism to ensure the safety of special equipment a smooth trend. Focused, for special equipment safety supervision work in full progress. Our Bureau of Quality Supervision with reality, focus on the following measures: to increase supervision of special equipment production units, cylinder filling 100% inspection units, the existence of the problem requires a deadline for correction. The cylinder as the city's security system, special equipment renovation work and livelihood security focus of the work, the full implementation of the "two stops" the main responsibility. Constantly sum up safety supervision of special equipment in good working experience in the city to promote the use of special equipment safety supervision to the smooth operations. Overcoming Difficulties ensure special equipment safety are implemented. First, the main responsibility in the implementation of enterprise security to work on this difficulty, focusing on the good equipment, "born" off and "settled" off. Second, monitoring the cylinder to work on this problem. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders on the one hand to strengthen safety supervision, on the other hand strengthen the safety monitoring board gas cylinders, cylinder vehicle inspection stations established to help improve the rules and regulations of the refueling stations. Intensive training to enhance the awareness of the whole society to participate. Full use of newspapers, television and other media, high frequency, multi-angle extensively safety publicity. For different industries, different groups, using different methods for training. Actively explore the long-term supervision mechanism. With advanced modern information network, and improve special equipment survey, registration, filing work, the distribution of special equipment, health, all to create an electronic file, and input dynamic monitoring system of special equipment. Clear main responsibility for the use of units of special equipment, establish and improve the investigation and management of major hazards and major hazard control, accident reporting and accountability and other management system, establish cross to the side, vertical in the end of the inspection network and security checks according to feedback information and different characteristics of seasonal use of special equipment, etc., are expected to organize analysis of hazards, control accidents, and ensure special equipment safety.
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