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Bureau of Quality Supervision Panyu District to increase shipbuilding industry
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Shipbuilding industry to regulate the use and management of special equipment, and consolidate the effectiveness of nearly two years of renovation, to ensure safe Games, Panyu District, Bureau of Quality Supervision to launch a five-month campaign, we refine the measures, "right", and achieved practical results . (A) to strengthen publicity and education, has organized 15 enterprises meeting the industry, for industry characteristics, distribution of "special equipment to use Management Manual", "Crane use management rules" more than 100 copies of relevant information, organizing special equipment accident education watch film, and strengthen enterprise security and responsibility, improve the management capacity of special equipment; (b) adjusting the inspection method, the traditional inspection to "business self-inspection + inspections + inspector thorough investigation of law enforcement officers", to promote enterprises from the "want me to change "into" I want to change, "the phenomenon of extended substantially reduce industry equipment; (c) strict control by means of the rectification is not in place of the enterprise not hesitate, special rectification operation, investigation and one case, security monitoring instructions were issued 6 book, seized a number of illegal equipment.
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