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Heze three measures to monitor the operation of special equipment
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As the weather turns cold, winter special equipment for high-load operation, the status of the security situation is relatively tight, Heze City, early hands-on quality supervision department, through the strengthening of three measures to ensure the safe operation of the city's winter special equipment. To carry out security checks, eliminate safety hazards. To schools, baths, hotels, residential property and other crowded places, focusing mainly the heating boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping and other special equipment commonly used in the registration, regular inspection, and personnel certificates, safety management system and maintenance, etc. situation, focusing on the heating boiler implementation of security measures to be checked. Inspection, safety inspectors were fully informed of special equipment companies should fulfill security responsibilities and obligations, and urge enterprises to carry out the safety of the main responsibilities; the same time, take the initiative to provide technical guidance to the enterprise, and guide enterprises qualified for the purchase of special equipment, supervision and strengthen the use of units the daily use of special equipment maintenance and management, timely resolution of special equipment used in the process of installation or problems, to ensure elimination of security risks in the bud. Currently, dispatched more than 460 safety inspectors, inspection unit 125 using special equipment to check the boiler and other 160 sets of special equipment, found 17 safety problems and issues. Problems discovered in the inspections, according to safety inspectors, "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" of the relevant provisions of Security issued a timely letter of instruction and safety responsibility to monitor this book, order special equipment unit deadline for correction. Increase the education and raising safety awareness. Special equipment for individual units in the weak sense of safety, operational irregularities, etc., organized two special equipment safety knowledge and training, and vigorously Publicizing the "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" and other laws and regulations, introduction of special equipment safety knowledge, a total of 260 trainees people, improve the enterprise security management and operational capacity; invited 12 experts to carry out special equipment safety, "special equipment safety enterprise" activities and go to the Jade Emperor Prime Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong, 43 special equipment to use a higher concentration of business detailed answers to businesses are more concerned about testing and registration of special equipment, special equipment, accident prevention and treatment, and help enterprises to train key staff positions 125, issued "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" and other promotional materials of more than 260 copies. Meanwhile, the council also organized workers in-depth residential areas, schools and other units, through the issuance of promotional materials, hanging banners, setting up promotional information desk and other means to vigorously promote the safety of special equipment, knowledge, more than 170 officers were deployed, paid More than 850 copies of publicity materials, to effectively improve the safety of the whole society awareness of special equipment. Strengthen the system construction, building long-term mechanism. Establish and improve the safety of special equipment, "four in one" supervision responsibility system for the city's special equipment safety supervision, supervision, audit, inspection agencies and their staff to conduct a detailed definition of the responsibilities. Improve the dynamic monitoring system, implemented using a database of network information management, the implementation of special equipment safety supervision online assessment; hidden supervise the implementation of the system, found in the inspection reports of safety problems or the people writing the supervision of the implementation of the system, timely and effectively eliminate the security risks . Heze City safety committee drew issued a "special equipment production and business units to implement safety responsibility for the views," the special equipment to further improve the safety responsibility system. Ongoing special treatment of special equipment, adhere to the "three no leakage, the three left off", namely: City does not leak, regional units do not leak, the unit does not drain equipment; question spare equipment, safety hazards left off, rectification is not place left off. Achieve governance in a planned and inspectors; with Heze reality, further improve the "special equipment Heze City Emergency Plan", and with Rui Chang Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly held a special emergency rescue equipment, emergency drills, improve the response to sudden made the event and coordinated emergency response capability.
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