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China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute Survey has been sent t
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30 June afternoon press briefing, deputy general manager of the eastern OCT ZHENG Hong-xia, the "Space Trek" device is detected by the China Special Equipment Inspection Institute of approval and the competent national A class of special equipment. Project by the East OCT R & D commissioned by the Ministry of assembly and Design Institute, Beijing Jiuhua Amusement Equipment Co, China's first such devices. April 20, 2009 acceptance, May 1, 2009 put into trial operation. "Space Trek through special equipment since the test itself that there is no technical problem", Overseas Chinese Town Group, Deputy General Manager Ni Zheng told reporters after the event to the media, but only one year into operation, there were six dead ten major injuries Accidents, so that people of the project development, production, testing, and many other aspects into question. Official website shows that China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (formerly the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Center) in 1979 created the State Council approved 10 period, the former directly under the Ministry of Labour. July 1998, the overall mass transfer to the national The amount of Technical Supervision. April 2001, the State Council, reform of government institutions (combined), the directly under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Is an independent legal personality of the bureau-level institutions, is the only in the boiler, pressure Power vessels, pressure pipes, special equipment and technical inspection of the national technical institutions. It is understood that, as a large play special equipment, "Space Trek" design approval and inspection by the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute of the recreational facilities under the Division completed. "This is an internal organization, inconvenience out To disclose any information ", the morning of July 1, as the staff of the department declined to be interviewed, but said the department has sent personnel to intervene into the matter in Shenzhen, the specific investigation still in progress.
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