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Enhance the level of scientific research to achieve leapfrog development - Int
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"'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, our research can be said to focus on doing one thing, and achieved great success." Recalling the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as special examination hospital) "Eleventh Five-Year "The research work, as" When the family "Lin Shuqing, eyes full of pride and confidence. He said this "thing" is the key project of National Science and Technology Support Program - "lifeline engineering and special equipment safety key technology and engineering demonstration" study. The project of 111 units, 786 scientific research and engineering and technical personnel of unity and cooperation, work hard and joint efforts, complete various research tasks to address the 203 key technologies, has made 46 integrated results, presented 46 new methods, developed 25 technical standards or specifications, developed 18 sets of new equipment, applied for 35 patents, received 26 software copyrights and published 440 papers, published five books, has trained 193 MA / PhD, established 77 bases and the application of experimental demonstration. "In order to enhance the safety of special equipment, shorten the gap between us and the moderately developed countries, the State Administration of Quality Supervision put forward a special equipment from the accident rate of 0.5 / million below target. We give this project the goal is to to provide technical support and security. "Lin Shuqing told reporters," lifeline engineering and special equipment safety key technology and engineering demonstration, "is special equipment for the common areas of accident prevention, the key outstanding issues around the lifeline (long-distance pipelines, City Pipe and the strategic reserve, with a large storage tanks), large sets of high parameters in high-risk devices and long-term operation of boiler and special equipment typical mechanical and electrical life of the security risk assessment techniques and testing technologies and special equipment to monitor the dynamic control technology security of the studies undertaken. The composition of the five subjects, of which four issues surrounding the legal regulation of the 8 categories of special equipment, life safety risk assessment techniques and measurement technology and set up two main lines, a topic around the scientific supervision of special equipment, supporting technology and settings. "We do research work, the most gratifying is to see the results can be applied to practice, as national security and contribute to economic development." Under the leadership of the Lin Shuqing, China's special examination of the research hospital has special equipment safety around the development of the subject circular, spiral, through an accurate grasp of the direction of science and technology needs, the scientific coordination of the applicability of advanced technology and engineering, scientific and technological achievements of the project effectively promote the application of scientific and technological achievements into safety as soon as technical specifications and technical standards. "Our core purpose is to promote the safety of special equipment, technological progress and sustainable economic and social development so that the safety requirements, evaluation criteria, inspection and testing technology more responsive to social and technological progress and the level of development of productive forces, so that the Government work safety supervision safety at the same time, better play services economy, the role of promoting development. " The "lifeline engineering and special equipment, security key technology and engineering demonstration" project, for example, results in 46 of 40, the country has more than 2200 km pipeline, more than 110 sets of large storage tanks, more than 200 complete sets of petrochemical plant , 20 sets of power station boilers, more than 70 sets of large-scale recreational facilities, 170 more than one large crane, 30 elevators, 40 more than cable, more than 10 site (plant) in motor vehicles and other special equipment, testing and safety, risk , life assessment and Jiangsu Province, Shenzhen City, Zibo City, the Nanjing Bureau of Quality Supervision performance evaluation of the safety monitoring conducted a demonstration application and engineering applications, the effect is good, great social benefits. Meanwhile, the enterprise has brought economic benefits of more than 30 billion. At present, China Institute of Science and Technology special inspection work in the research content, realized from the "pressure vessels with defects in safety assessment" of a point, extended to 8 categories of special equipment, the main line of the two techniques (one is the inspection and evaluation techniques, One is security risk service life assessment techniques) and special equipment safety supervision technology dynamic full coverage. The research team, the initially established a special examination of China Institute at the core, research institutes, universities, technical institutions industry wide participation, production and research, bring together a combination of a stable team of special equipment safety technology. However, Lin Shuqing not satisfied with this, "Hospitals will be built in China special examination of the modern world-class research institutes, as security special equipment to lead the vanguard of technological development, both the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection requirements of our hospital, but also our development goals . "
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