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Xu Gong holds congress of technologist appoint to a position to go after a techn
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On September 23 at company headquarters muti_function on the plenary meeting of appoint to a position of technologist of Xu Gong group that hall holds, 56 are obtained " technologist of Xu Gong group " the brainpower of the title, had received letter of appointment and pot from hand of Wang Min of secretary of president, Party committee. Every technologist will obtain allowance of Xu Gong's technologist every months.
Company leader Wang Min, Li Ge, Yang Yong, Li Suoyun, Wu Jianglong, Zhang Shouhang, member of leading group of 2 form company, minister of firm this department attended plenary meeting of appoint to a position. The conference is versed in by members of standing committee of company Party committee, Xu Li Suoyun of general manager of science and technology is chaired, yang Yong of vise general manager is judged to company technologist hired the job to do summary, read out of Li Ge of Party committee vice secretary " the announcement about technologist of company of appoint to a position " . The technologist is gotten on behalf of Zhu Zhendong, Zhang Zheng, Zhang Hong, Wu Jianjiang, Zhang Qiliang made a speech on behalf of the technologist.
King civilian president says in the speech on congress of appoint to a position, technologist and qualified personnel of technology of high administrative levels are the core talent team of the company, dedicate and expand what had this team, just what Xu is versed in is mix today future. Project machinery company of China is already preliminary the process that completed dimensions development, entered a new level, xu Gong next develop and should achieve one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of goals, want to rely on the wisdom of technical qualified personnel and dedication necessarily, want the development way that science and technology innovates necessarily.
Wang Min president points out, realize one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, world-class, must be propped up with technical innovation. We and world-class enterprise still have not little difference, no matter be experience of management concept, internationalization, return be technology of the ability of technical research and development, core to have on, have all-around difference. We should see this difference calmly, go dependably doing work of good technology innovation. When the challenge that answers transnational corporation and course of study of person of the same trade, we should have " bright sword " spirit and masterly " fencing " be united in wedlock, not " bright sword " spirit and courage are no good, masterly " fencing " the main a magic weapon that is get victory more, the technical capability that this kind of fencing is us and the investment on technical research and development reach obtained positive result. Increase the construction of ability of Xu project research and development, compose has built a powerful and effective technical innovation system, the commanding elevation of occupational industry technology, the Chongzhongzhi that will become Xu Gong to work next is heavy.
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