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Ability of Xu engineering course recombines formal program to win Xuzhou state e
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On October 7, 2008, inc. of science and technology of Xuzhou project machine (the following abbreviation is " Xu Gong science and technology " ) release announcement to say, this company share is state-owned equity delimits turn plan already was met at will obtaining Chinese card inspect on September 26 give an official is passed. In the meantime, this company was announced buy limited company of machinery of project of Xu Gong group (the following abbreviation is " Xu Gong is mechanical " ) the formal program of relevant asset, buy amount to be 5.309 billion yuan.
What transaction announces is specific buy plan to be: Machine of project of Xiang Xu of ability of Xu engineering course is directional add hair, the Xu Gong that buys its to have is heavy-duty company of 50% equity of 90% equity, company of fluid casting die, special car 60% , 100% equity of 90% equity of 90% equity of special type mechanical company, lorry crane company, company of imports and exports, and the registered trade mark that Xu is versed in machinery is had, test center is relevant asset (contain indebted) .
In the meantime, this second trade after finishing, xu Gong is company of casting die of heavy-duty, fluid, special company of company of car company, special type machinery, lorry crane company, imports and exports will become Xu Gong science and technology is mixed directly the company of 100% equity of indirect hold.
Among them, xu Gong is heavy-duty and undoubted the core capital that will make ability of Xu engineering course. According to understanding of our newspaper reporter, only before 2008 7 months, xu is versed in heavy-duty business income already amounted to ten billion four hundred and seventy-four million yuan, net profit is 791 million yuan, at the same time export increases still faster, annual exports frontal hopeful to exceed 900 million dollar. The expert inside course of study thinks, the product structure of our country crane gets nearly two years upgrading apparently, exit, sale in domestic market is in rapid growth, industry market is spent centrally taller, the development uncertainty that because this crane product is in,did not come two years is opposite less, will maintain continuously of 20% add fast.
Additional, ability of Xu engineering course on September 23 temporarily shareholder plenary meeting was passed buy Chun Lan car of 60% equity second reading, indicate labour entered a Xu to block a trade again.
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