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Project of company of too heavy crane signs order of 300 million yuan of a huge
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On October 10, from Taiyuan limited company of heavy-duty and rigid group transmits a good news: Branch of this company crane signs two gigantic sheet at the same time, aggregate RMB 300 million yuan.
Branch of this company crane and limited company of iron and steel of Shanghai plum hill signed production to make the 5 contracts that the stage exceeds large metallurgy ladle crane 420 tons, total prices 170 million yuan; In the meantime, signed the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that it is a brook to cross hydroelectric station to produce contracts of 4 1000 tons of bridge cranes with 3 gorge head office, total prices is 132 million yuan, two total amount that sign sheet even more 300 million yuan.
As we have learned, this year in September, branch of this company crane already produced 30 of all kinds nonstandard crane, achieved " produce a crane everyday " efficient. At the beginning of 2008, the struggling goal that crane branch defined 1.5 billion yuan to annual achieves sales revenue. Before this year 3 quarters, they already achieved sales revenue 1.38 billion yuan.

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