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31 heavy industry obtain forum of Asian manufacturing industry to win Asian ente
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On September 25, 2008, on forum of manufacturing industry of the 2nd Asia, 31 heavy industry are had the honor to win " award of 2008 Asias enterprise " .
To promote the dialogue between enterprise of Asian manufacturing industry, stimulative Asia manufacturing industry rises abruptly, will come 25 days on September 24, the forum of manufacturing industry of the 2nd Asia that holds jointly by government of people of city of association of manufacturing industry of federation of industry and commerce of China whole nation, Asia, Shenyang is held in Shenyang. Forum is opposite first Asian area is famous famous city of manufacturing industry of enterprise and surveyor's pole enterprise, China gives commend, choose " the star of 2008 Asias " , " award of 2008 Asias enterprise " , " famous city of 2008 China manufacturing industry " wait for award.
Through evaluation of committee of experts, 6 Asias well-known company is obtained " award of 2008 Asias enterprise " . Outside dividing 31 heavy industry, other 5 enterprises are day of 3 water chestnut establishs group of machine tool of company limited of the machinery that make iron, Shenyang, ohmic dragon company limited, LG electron company limited, riverside the company limited that make iron.
During forum, around " can develop continuously " , " productivity serves industry " , " brand and innovation " , " automobile industry " , " equipment manufacturing industry " 5 big themes, held seminar. Chen Zheng of governor of province of Huang Mengfu of chairman of business association of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, whole nation, Liaoning is tall attended this second forum.

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