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Strong sale of competition ability of crane of ability of Xu engineering course
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The asset of infuse of place of company of ability of Xu engineering course basically is Xu Chong. In the asset of mark, the scale that Xu Chong takes income is 95.54% , the scale of net profit is 95.69% ; The scale that takes income of as amalgamative as ability of Xu engineering course forms for reporting statistics is in 65% above, because this did not come,the key product of the company will be crane. Automobile crane sales volume will achieve 12 thousand 2008, YOY70% left and right sides, conservative 2009 forecast should be in 20% the left and right sides; Pedrail as string of 1 300, next year ingoing is produced after new base and the sale will have break up time likelihood; A string of 1 along with the car 3000 above, break up this year time, 2009 YOY40% above.
Xu heavy sale, finance affairs is dovish. Crane sale of Xu Chong is given priority to with entire section, receivable Zhang money is very few. Up to 7 years of the end of the year, its are receivable Zhang money is 184 million yuan only; To the end of July 2008, although have bigger growth, achieve 660 million yuan, but be told relatively at the income of 10 billion yuan of above, proportion is quite small still. Future is receivable although Zhang money produces bad Zhang, lesser also to the influence of the company.
Company whole appears on the market to be guarded relatively to what the asset of mark does gain to forecast. Forecast automobile crane sales volume, income fell 2009 - 10% ; Pedrail condole income falls 3% ; Automobile crane income is added fast for 20% ; Automobile crane sales volume was added 2010 fast for 3% , income is added fast for 5% ; Pedrail condole income is added fast for 6% ; Lorry crane income is added fast for 20% . Of visible company calculate conservative rate taller, because profit compensates consultative existence,main reason is. Relatively objective to the company gain is forecasted for income was added 2009 fast for 25% the left and right sides, net profit is added fast for 20% the left and right sides.

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