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China is accelerated drive fulfil revitalize strategy of equipment manufacturing
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China is being accelerated drive implement the strategy that revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry, with promoting the development of equipment manufacturing industry level and international competition ability in the round.
In recent years, chinese equipment manufacturing industry is swift and violent develop, grow manufacturing industry of speed prep above, of outclass GDP add fast, become draw the main power that uses national economy to grow quickly. Its gross dimensions occupies world front row, but integral level and developed country still have very big difference. Below informatization and the new condition with shirt-sleeve industrialization, chinese equipment manufacturing industry welcomes development new chance.
According to Chinese industry and industry of informatization ministry equipment department director Zhang Xiangmu introduces, chinese equipment manufacturing industry innovates independently ability is fragile, core technology and crucial technology external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent taller. In the meantime, the development means of extensive still does not have fundamental change, structural sex contradiction is more outstanding. Additional, new and high technology and traditional equipment industry transform band insufficient still, rate of informatization of equipment manufacturing industry is not high still, far the need that cannot get used to Chinese industrialized process.
The development target of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry is to 2010, develop a batch of large equipment that have stronger competition ability to make industry group, enhance the engineering capability of great technology equipment that has own intellectual property, form a certain number of equipment that have characteristic and famous brand to produce concentration the ground. Build and perfect a batch to have international the national step of advanced level is major center of technical equipment engineering, preliminary build the technical innovation system that gives priority to body with the enterprise. Form equipment of great technology equipment, estate of new and high technology, foundation equipment, average machine to equip gradually division of labor of manage of professional chemical combination, mutual promote, the industrial situation of harmonious development.
As we have learned, next, chinese equipment manufacturing industry will give priority to a line with structural adjustment, optimize product and industrial structure; With science and technology progress is prop up, improve equipment manufacturing industry own innovation ability; It is with major project rely on, advance great skill to equip to be made independently; It is with the market oriented, development expands production company of a batch of large equipment and engineering center.
In the meantime, china will be built promote code of equipment manufacturing industry and standard soundly, accelerate the external environment that health of manufacturing industry of perfect stimulative equipment develops; Undertake system mechanism innovates, encourage development to have the big company group of international competition ability, urge a company construction of own innovation ability, manufacturing industry of comprehensive promotion equipment develops level and international competition ability.
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