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The dweller abstains woodiness elevator to use 10 years to be made stop (graph)
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” of elevator of this “ earth used 10 years

The appearance outside the ” of “ earth elevator that satisfies Ningyi's dweller illicit to make is like container; Because elevator “ does not have any detecting,credential ” already was banned to use forcibly

Live in 9 buildings, 10 buildings, very tired without next buildings on elevator do how? Chen Lishuang of the citizen that satisfy peace thought ” of tweak of a “ : Oneself do the woodiness lift of about of a similar container, the person sits inside, it is in sound of “ Zhi ” groggy go upstairs! Eve, satisfy supervisory bureau of technology of peaceful city quality to do not have qualitative check branch with this elevator “ any detecting credential, user is not taken give any elevator to install use proof ” to wait for, undertake cutting off the power forcibly banning using to ” of elevator of this “ earth.

   Be arrogant! Woodiness elevator uses on 10 years

Chen Lishuang already was over sixty years old, live in the city that satisfy peace bank river community inside building of a dweller of 10 vintage buildings. 9 buildings are lived in by Chen Lishuang, 10 buildings also have a few buildings and garden. Chen Lishuang leases 10 buildings Du Mou to wait for a person to live. The Chen Lishuang of “9 building is mixed the 10 much people such as the Du Mou of 10 buildings, rely on building of fluctuation of ’ of elevator of this ‘ earth namely. ” is near this dweller building, one dweller is pointing to elevator to tell a reporter. This elevator is located in mouth of 2 buildings passageway, appear very shabby, look extremely dirty. Board makes the case of elevator, some resemble the shell container, make an appointment with 1.7 meters high, by drawing of 6 steel wire its rise fall. There are any warning decices inside elevator, the person goes in groggy.

Of 10 buildings hire room door Du Mou to introduce, landlord installs this elevator to already had 10 years, and be being used all the time, so I hired “ the house is used together accordingly, although ground of ‘ Zhi ’ cries,the floor leaves on elevator, groggy still, but fluctuation building still goes to the lavatory more. ”

  Be strange! Fluctuation pushbutton is special report is all ready

How does ” of such “ earth elevator come out? Householder Chen Lishuang says, he is lived in too high, fluctuation building is no-go, think with respect to oneself method improvement gives a condition then. 1998, he finds the privately of a worker that fires mill of big electric machinery to helped him install this elevator. Later, the special railway line that he applied for to pull a 380 bend over alone to power company offers elevator computer room to use, “ elevator computer room is set inside a house of 10 buildings, since had this elevator, go out to go to the lavatory all right much. ”
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