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Own own intellectual property elevator of homebred high speed succeeds in Wuhan
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Recently, litre fall speed is every second 3 meters high speed elevator, succeed in research and development of company of Wuhan intelligence elevator. From now on, those who have completely own intellectual property is homebred change high speed elevator, the international monopoly that breaks this advanced production technology.

Company of Wuhan intelligence elevator is the “ country key that 5 ministries and commissions hold the country jointly enterprise of new and high science and technology of new product ” . Last year, they apply the most advanced permanent magnetism synchronism on current world not to have gear drive technology, production of research and development gives high speed elevator and inorganic lodger ladder. Via expert appraisal, in home the integral technology of these two kinds of new products precedes, than report of traditional elevator division 25% .

It is reported, high speed elevator is used at the building of 50 above commonly. This technology once was mastered by enterprise of brand of a few international in home market. Current, wuhan intelligence elevator is investing build new plant and the elevator experiment tower that are as high as 130 meters, and can experiment at the same time 5 elevator.

A few days ago, the country pledges check total bureau issued letter of class A intelligence to company of Wuhan intelligence elevator, this also is the superlative degree that company of production of our country elevator gets exclusively other production aptitude. This year the end of the year, homebred change high speed elevator to be expected put into production, produce per year elevator to make an appointment with 30 thousand. In all you are in 1 page on home page of the 1st page one page1Page of end of below one page jumps turn1This page shares the page 469 character

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