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Cement bulk equipment is electric occupation standard of flow control valve
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Equipment of bulk of standard name cement is electric flow control valve

Occupation standard of building materials of standard type People's Republic of China

T609-1995 of / of standard number JC
1 theme content and suitable scope.

Standard text

Method of requirement of the product classification that this standard provided to cement bulk uses dynamoelectric flow control valve, technology, experiment, examine regular, mark, pack, carry with keep in storage.

Wooden standard applies to cement bulk to use dynamoelectric flow control valve (flow control valve of the following abbreviation) .

2 cite standard

The end of dimension of linear of general noncombatant duty of GB / T1804 notes common difference

GB9439 casting pig

Sign of GB / T13306

JC401. Machinery of 2 building materials uses carbolic steel and condition of technology of low-alloy steel cast

JC401. Machinery of 3 building materials uses cast steel blemish handles a regulation

JC401. Machinery of 4 building materials uses cast steel delivery technology condition

Lacquer of machinery of cement of JC / T402 is antirust technical condition

Machinery of cement of JC / T406 packs technical condition

Weldment of steel of machinery of JC532 building materials is general technical condition

ZBQ92002 cement is industrial air carries inclined chamfer

3 products are classified

3. 1 structure type

Flow control valve is comprised by cylinder form flow valve and dynamoelectric actuator.

3. 2 model

Type life shows a method to set as follows:


│ of   of │   │

─ of ─ of ─ of └ of   of │   │ enters width of nominal of makings mouth internal diameter, mm

Code name of electric of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of │   └

Code name of flow control valve of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of └ ─ ─

3. 3 mark give typical examples

It is the dynamoelectric flow control valve of 300mm into width of nominal of makings mouth lumen: T609 of / of FLD300JC of dynamoelectric flow control valve

3. 4 basic parameter

Basic majority sees next tables:

Value of parameter of model of parameter name unit enters makings mouth lumen


Nominal width Mm250300400500630

1)m[3]/h150180280345540 of the largest flow

Stock of a powerful person flows

Connect area M[2]0.0140.0170.0260.0320.051

Dynamoelectric the biggest corner (° ) 90   of   of   of   of         of   of   of   of      

~ of MA4 of executive output signal 20

S25 of orgnaization movement time

Note: 1) is the biggest discharge is calculated with 3m/s of stock velocity of flow.

4 technologies ask

4. 1 main demand

4. 1. 1 product should accord with this standard, the product figure feign that approves according to classics regulation program and technical file are made, install and use. The technology that accurate, design and technical file end provide Fan Benbiao asks, the regulation of the concerned general standard that all should accord with industry of national level, building materials and Electromechanical industry.
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