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Catalog of plastic and rigid standard
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Countrywide balata is plastic and mechanical the plastic and rigid standard that plastic and mechanical standardization divides standardization technology committee to technical committee organizes concerned unit to draft early or late since holding water 1987 and be in charge of sectional approval to carry out via machinist industry standard 31, relevant specification is as follows:

1.JB/T2627-1991 is plastic squeeze a hard canal subsidiary engine

2.JB/T5289-1991 shoe uses forming machine of rotary table inject

3.JB/T5421-1991 plastic film reclaims push an unit that build bead

4.JB/T5291-1991 plastic crusher

Forming machine of 5.JB/T5292-1991 plastic vacuum

6.JB/T5293-1991 can send a gender forming machine of polystyrene expanded plastics

7.JB/T5416-1991 is plastic squeeze a dry method to make a subsidiary engine eagerly

Extruder of 8.JB/T5417-1991 plastic exhaust

9.JB/T5418-1991 polypropylene not loom

Term of 10.JB5438-1991 plastic machinery

Forming machine of 11.JB/T6490-1992 plastic pressure

12.JB/T6493-1992 is plastic make bag of machine

13.JB/T6928-1993 is plastic push a band subsidiary engine

14.JB/T6929-1993 is plastic push a plane of rotary table shoemaking

15.JB/T7251-1994 is plastic squeeze a subsidiary engine that pull silk

Forming machine of 16.JB/T7267-1994 plastic inject

17.JB/T7669-1995 plastic blender

18.JB/T8061-1996 odd screw is plastic extruder

19.JB/T8538-1997 plastic machinery uses machine canister screw

20.JB/T8539-1997 is plastic crowded piece blow model hollow forming machine

Sex of 21.JB/T8698-1998 hot solid is plastic inject forming machine

22.JB/T8703-1998 is plastic squeeze a subsidiary engine of the film that blow model

23.JB/T6489-1999 plastic kneading machine

Shoe of 24.JB/T8943-1999 complete model uses inject machine

Loom of 25.JB/T5290-2000 plastic circle

26.JB/T5419-2000 is plastic squeeze a subsidiary engine of smooth film flat silk

27.JB/T5420-2000 is the same as Xiang Shuang screw plastic extruder

Screw of 28.JB/T6491-2000 different Xiang Shuang is plastic extruder

29.JB/T6492-2000 awl double screw is plastic extruder

30.JB/T6494-2002 hopper type is plastic drier

31.JB/T10342-2002 is plastic subsidiary engine of crowded profile giving other
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