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Energy-saving inspect mark allows boiler of industry burning gas
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1 limits

This standard stipulated in boiler of used industry burning gas the energy-saving project that monitor, method that monitor is mixed index of conformity.

This standard applies to rated capacity It/h (0.7MW) to 35t / H (24.5MW) burn gas (fuel) industrial steam boiler, rated heating capacity is more than 2.5GJ/h burn gas (fuel) boiler of industrial hot water and feel a type to combine boiler.

Citation of 2 compasses plasticity

The clause in following file makes the provision of this standard through the adduction of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally.
GB/T15316 is energy-saving boiler of industry of GB/T15317 of general rule of the technology that monitor is energy-saving the method that monitor

Boiler of 3 industry burning gas is energy-saving the project that monitor

3.1 check project

Energy-saving to lighting gas industry boiler to undertake when monitoring, take an examination checks its thermal efficiency. The test method of thermal efficiency and technical requirement should press industrial boiler heat to be versed in experiment standard undertakes. To the industry burning gas after new clothes, technical reformation and overhaul boiler should undertake function experiments heating up labour. Thermal efficiency checks time-interval to should not exceed 3 years.

The 3.2 projects that monitor

Temperature of 3.2.1 smoke evacuation

3.2.2 air coefficient

3.2.3 carbon monoxide

Temperature of the surface outside 3.2.4 body of heater

Boiler of 4 industry burning gas is energy-saving the method that monitor

4.1 monitor should undertake below actual operating conditions.

4.2 monitor should begin when hot operating mode is stable. The time that monitor is Ih, every 30min reads temperature of the surface outside body of heater one frequency, every 15min reads the other item that monitor one frequency, take its arithmetic average.

The 4.3 appearance that monitor should satisfy the requirement of the project that monitor, should be in calibrating cycle, its accuracy grade do not answer under 2. 0 class.

Of temperature of 4.4 smoke evacuation measure a dot to should be set in boiler rear not the flue center part of less than of the 1m after class heating surface, measure lukewarm appearance to insert place should sealed.

4.5 air coefficient measures dot and smoke evacuation temperature to measure a place identical, component analyses flue gas to answer with test of smoke evacuation temperature synchronism undertakes.
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