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Occupation standard of demand of package machine security
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1 theme content and suitable scope

This standard stipulated the safety of package machine asks, include to defend, operate and safeguard a requirement to wait.

This standard applies to the machine that has packing directly and equipment.

2 cite standard

GB2893 safety is lubricious

GB2894 safety indicates

System of GB3766 hydraulic pressure is current technical condition

Wiring of GB5226 machine tool is general technical condition

GB7932 pneumatic system is current technical condition

Of level of power of sound of noise of JB/T7232 package machine determine simple and easy law

3 general requirements

The safe requirement of 3.1 package machine is divided outside should according with this standard to set, still should accord with the provision that concerns specialized standard each.

3.2 package machine should secure product sign in clear position, mention expressly machine or equipment work normally an indispensible main technique parameter, be like: Rated electric current and voltage, rated pressure and hot temperature.

The safe requirement of system of the fluid drive on 3.3 package machine should accord with the regulation of GB3766. The safe requirement of pneumatic system should accord with GB7932 regulation.

The safe requirement of electric equipment should accord with 3.4 package machine the concerned regulation of GB5226 standard.

The precarious position that person can create to endanger on 3.5 package machine must take corresponding safety precaution. Make the part of opposite motion, like clamp, cut etc safe distance must assure between athletic component, operation personnel is hurt by clip or cut in case. Can cause the dangerous device that pass motion to answer as far as possible inside park airframe. The component of the appearing whirl that affects person safety, shift or reciprocate must adopt preventive measure to its. The fixed position that appears on athletic component or salient must flowing or bring to bear on defend.

The component that loosens likely in 3.6 mechanical movement must have the reliable measure that prevent a pine.

When 3.7 package machine need to undertake discharging flotsam, smoke evacuation. Should contain corresponding device, cause a harm in order to avoid to operating personnel.

Ask electric machinery is one-way only on 3.8 package machine when rotating, must go up in electric machinery or direction indicator is made write down in proper place.

When 3.9 personnel enter working area to have bigger risk, answer to install safe guard in working area. When guard isolates the whole work area of package machine, work the critical part inside the area can be set not additionally protect plant. The setting of guard should assure working area safe distance.

The 3.1 package machine that need to undertake operate or be settinged rectifying from the ground, should set the platform that accords with relevant specification requirement and the ladder that lead to platform to reach defend the corresponding device such as baluster.
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