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Technology of metric pump project sets
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1. limits
2. standard, standard and regulation
3. general principles
4. function
5. structure is designed
6. material
7. workshop experiments
8. lacquer, mark, pack
Data of 9. file, blueprint
1. limits
The lowermost limitation that this project technology regulation demonstrates to to industrial device maneuver measures pump and its drive motive, auxiliary equipment asks.
Machine of design of the performance that this project technology provides pair of metric pump, structure, material, drive, experiment, mark, pack and purchase waited for a regulation.
2. standard, standard and regulation
2.1 outside setting except this project technology, the standard that still should observe the demonstrate on pump data table (latest edition) , be like:
Condition of technology of GB9236 metric pump;
GB7783 metric pump tries proved recipe way;
API675 metric pump (PositiveDisplacementPumps-ControlledVolume) .
2.2 when this project technology regulation and when appointing standard happening to contradict, with this project technology the regulation is accurate.
At the same time the bargainor answers to clarify contradictory place to buyer with written form, in order to remind buyer the attention is solved.
3. general principles
3.1 unless otherwise specified, machine of pump, drive reachs his to assist equipment to should be below appointed lowest and highest environment temperature apply to outdoors start and operate continuously. Successive operational cycle should not under 8000 hours.
The 3.2 prototype without test cannot be accepted, only the course produces the pump of test and verify actually to just can be accepted. Alleged production test and verify is to show pump operates the experience that there is safety of two years of aboves to run at least below the condition in likeness.
3.3 divide outside having a regulation additionally, the bargainor should be offerred include pump, shaft coupling, drive machine and all whole pump that assist device inside aircrew, assure quality of whole pump aircrew.
3.4 divide outside having a regulation additionally, machine of pump, drive, shaft coupling and shield, auxiliary equipment should be installed go up in same base.
4. function
4.1 metric pump should be being operated or section discharge all can be moved when blame operation condition, its adjust than be at least 10: 1(namely 100 % of 10 % ~ are rated discharge limits) , and in 25% ~ the stability precision of metric pump inside 100% limits should be in ±1 % less than, degree of linearity and reproduction sex precision should be in ±3 % less than.
4.2 attune measure a watch or adjust handwheel scale precision should the demonstrative precision of prep above ±0.1% .
What the rated discharge of 4.3 metric pump should be equal to an user to put forward at least is the biggest (operate) the 110 % of discharge.
Rated power of 4.4 electric machinery should be equal to metric pump at least power of the largest shaft (the power loss that contains gear case, shaft coupling) K times. K value presses the watch is taken calm.
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