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Shaanxi province pledges inspect bureau is held first lash-up of grave accident
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Lash-up of video big training compares actual strength

One child of “ takes automatic staircase left foot to be blocked, how to carry out from the technology come to help? ”

“ should judge spot situation above all, the circumstance is slighter can use demolish comb toothed segment or turn over steering wheel car to undertake rescue. If the circumstance is very critical to combing toothed segment, floor board has cut or can use dilator to undertake rescuing. ”

Member of rescuing team of Shaanxi elevator lash-up faces the query of official of be in charge of an examination, fluent inside 3 minutes of the regulation reply.

A few days ago, shaanxi province pledges inspect bureau organizes 11 city (area) bureau undertake lash-up of grave accident of special type equipment comes to help emergency video drilling. Spot atmosphere is nervous enthusiastic.

Assemble the rescuer of many 200 lash-up that visits 11 ground town completely through video, rescuer spot takes a title, reply instantly. This is Shaanxi province qualitative prison system is the actual combat capacity that increases rescuer of lash-up of special type equipment, the pull by hand of emergency treatment of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of complete province limits that has through inspecting screen system for the first time deals with of ability compare greatly go all out.

This with before what spot drilling differs is, by the feature of expert imitate trouble spot and current situation, give a title beforehand, according to number, each city (area) the bureau is random and draw-out, the intercrop when the regulation answers, expert spot makes component, comment on.

Arrive by the spot the imitate actual combat of the desktop, not only drilling form changed, examination questions is involved how inspect, bear pressure, Electromechanical 3 kinds big, content is much, the kind is full, corresponding urgent rescuer raised taller requirement.

This kind of brand-new drilling form causes each city (area) the height of the bureau takes seriously. Director of officer of each district city, even the director takes group take an examination personally. Rescuing team member consults a large number of data do sufficient accept a challenge to prepare.

Attend special type equipment to inspect screen drilling for the first time, everybody feels novel, gains is big. Wang Yongjun of elevator rescuing expert expresses, this kind of form asks everybody is familiar with an accident to deal with not only regulation, deal with to us ability raised taller requirement, very helpful to the job henceforth.

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