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Sichuan is saved from tribute place of city spy check undertakes equipment plato
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Recently, sichuan province is supervised from equipment of tribute city special type examine an unified deploy according to bureau of qualitative inspect of province, city, expedite group of expert of special type installation again, go to Sichuan earthquake to weigh and other places of county of reason of state of dam of disaster area A, luxuriant county, to seismic disaster area bear press kind of special type facility, especially of hydroelectric station bear press kind of special type equipment to undertake safety the platoon is checked and examine freely the job.

As we have learned, suffer effect of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, county of reason of A dam state and the industry of main industry water and electricity of luxuriant county break down nearly after shake, damage of special type device is serious, reason of second make trouble may happen at any time. This, from tribute group of expert of place of city spy check is risking life danger, footmark pervades county of plain of short of Wenshui River, manage, luxuriant county, the circumference such as Jiang Yan the disaster area of hundreds kilometer, work difficultly, be opposite in all a 10 hydroelectric station, aluminous factory, and 76 of enterprise of partial guesthouse, chemical industry bear pressed kind of special type equipment to undertake examining, the platoon is checked, seasonable platoon causes the safe hidden trouble that special type facilities exists because of the earthquake besides disaster area. In the meantime, expert group still helps seismic disaster area execute the law personnel, business management personnel and operation personnel raise consciousness of safety of special type equipment.

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