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E Er is much this equipment of city special type examines the safe examination t
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Be monitored to enhance the security of special type equipment and examine, ensure the life safety of people and E Er are much this the shape up of city economy. Special check place emphasizes the safe inspection that strengthens pair of special type equipment from 4 respects.

One. Specific target fulfils responsibility, in E Er much this below the leader of supervisory bureau of city quality technology, harmonious and relevant section begins special type actively to equipment examines and be checked, eliminate the scotoma in supervise and examining and blind angle.

2. Arouse personnel of quadruplet of dry part of whole place worker has comprehensive examination to the special type equipment inside whole town limits. In supervisory examination the Communist Party of China discovers accident hidden danger 276 place, give out in time rectify and reform an opinion to undertake rectifying and reform. Already rectified and reform 180 place now. Others is being rectified and reform in.

3. The special type equipment of source of unit, significant to place of key domain, key, key risk, be like: (utility boiler, industrial boiler, pressure vessel, pressure conduit, lifting appliance, elevator, you Le equipment, passenger transport cableway. ) undertake safe technology examines, the equipment that asks to according with emergency decree forbids investment to use.

4. Aggrandizement interior manages, raise the consciousness that serves an industry, make secure job is accomplished often catch indefatigable.

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