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Area of father-in-law industry garden checks hidden trouble of punish safe produ
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Recently, undertake to ensure Qiu Dong is the safety of daily production activity of seasonal business, orderly, area of father-in-law industry garden begins safe production in the round special inspection activity. Up to now, industrial garden area dispatchs in all examination staff 300 much people, examination production runs an unit more than 40, the unit of safe to existing hidden trouble undertakes fulfilling rectifying and reform.

Join the real case inside industrial garden area, this special punish key is opposite the industry such as construction of equipment of enterprise of fire control, chemical industry, special type, building undertakes checking, requirement each enterprise according to the practical, effective, principle that operates easily, make and perfect lash-up to come to help beforehand case, in the maneuver that the member that begin emergency servent seriously withdraws and flees for his life, examine the worker flees for his life intellectual control degree. Garden area and each enterprise sign safe responsibility book, will all secure job is fulfilled reach the designated position.

To prevent the happening of fire accident, concentrated to the personnel such as the school place had area of father-in-law industry garden platoon of comprehensive safe hidden trouble is checked, ensure scattered passageway, safe exit is expedite with facilities of fire control facilities all ready and in good condition, send person specially assigned for a task to garrison concentrated place has personnel overall fire control is supervised, supervise and urge its strengthen safety administration. Hold fire control drill jointly with fire control branch for many times, enhance fire prevention consciousness of the staff member.

For cogent the safety that assures construction staff, personnel of full-time of arrangement of area of father-in-law industry garden is on duty 24 hours in construction site everyday, undertake to construction personnel safe production is taught technically, comprise inspection team to collapse in case, prevent get an electric shock, prevent altitude to fall etc for main content, undertake checking to building construction building site individually, strengthen construction company and the management that build construction site, the key increases what run regulations system to building enterprise safety to build perfect and construction site scaffold is built set, safety defends the supervisory examination that reachs machinery of construction elevator, construction to wait, fulfil staff of special type work strictly to oppose provision of card mount guard, the security that enhances pair of construction personnel is taught and manage, strengthen the safety administration of pair of construction sites.

Wait for special enterprise to equipment of chemical industry, special type, area of father-in-law industry garden with fire prevention, prevent toxic, prevent coagulate, antistatic, prevent frostbite, explosion proof attachs most importance to a dot, it is great and system, dangerous that to chemical enterprise facilities of manufacturing technology, facilities, appearance is controlled the problem that the respect such as source monitoring, lash-up management exists and hidden trouble undertake centralized checking; Use special type device register and service circumstance, meet an urgent need daily beforehand the danger of industry of the designation of the case and drilling circumstance, key is changed taste pressure vessel to wait for the key that labels safety of special type equipment to check to undertake be discharginged in the round checking. City pyroelectricity limited company is an our city east exclusive a provincial safe production standardizes an enterprise, give priority to in order to manage high-pressured boiler, this special inspection will to the south of city pyroelectricity is a standard, join case of each enterprise oneself, for each enterprises of industrial garden area the quantity makes safe production plan personally, make each branch of the enterprise each employee the importance of can hep safe production, guide and drive each workshop, team and group, post and worker self-conscious platoon checks processing of all kinds insecure element and accident hidden trouble, put an end to “ 3 violate ” phenomenon, take strict precautions against safe accident.
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