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Guangxi admire city undertakes detecting to the special type equipment such as s
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Detect to advance equipment of sugar-refinery special type to examine in the round of the job begin, ensure sugar-refinery of admire state city left 2008 extract working success. Admire state city is special recently check place begins what to whole town enterprise of 9 refine sugar has special type facility to examine detect the job.

As we have learned, the special type equipment of company of sugar of admire city the Chinese system of weights and measures because “ equipment stale, time is ages ago ” , quite equipment of one part special type because historical reason, had not belonged to sphere of special type device also brought into special type equipment, create appearance of inaccurate of amount of facility of sugar-refinery special type thereby. Accordingly, place of city spy check for better service at the enterprise. This year, place of city spy check changes to apply examining method by the enterprise before, come actively to check, arrange expire facility amount, below the situation that does not affect an enterprise to run normally, reasonable arrangement examines time, still signed special type equipment to examine with the enterprise at the same time agreement, make clear bilateral right obligation, avoided before the enterprise does not deserve to close, collect fees difficult, issue examine the report is not seasonable wait for a phenomenon.

This second examine the canal of boiler existence overheat that discovers individual sugar-refinery is out of shape, the box that save couplet is corroded wait for a phenomenon badly, to city of this circumstance admire check place gave out city spy to rectify and reform opinion book, the requirement uses unit deadline to rectify and reform and make relevant management system, strengthen management.

So far, admire state city is special check place is right already the special type equipment of 4 sugar-refinery undertook foot of clever Shan Wuli, Liu Wu, Qin Jiang, rhinoceros examine, estimation examines in the special type installation that additionally 5 sugar-refinery will complete before the bottom in November detect the job.

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