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Special type equipment examines safeguard runs safety
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Can draw near with each passing day as farming carry, equipment of Fujian special type examines the staff members of branch department of courtyard spring state also busied a lot of, they are assuming farming carry to meet many 70 9 matches place, special type equipment that welcomes guesthouse, hotel examines quarantine task.

Meet to ensure farming use the use of equipment of each special type is safe, special branch department of state of check courtyard spring is at the beginning of September established special panel, arrangement expertise power undertakes examining, of safe to be not being accorded with level, inform qualitative check of in time the branch, arrange reinspect. Current, already ensured signal of all elevator mobile phone 100% enclothe, during farming carry is met, they still will plan special of person specially assigned for a task 24 hours on call, prepare to answer of all kinds sudden circumstance at any time.

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