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Bureau of gigantic wild qualitative inspect: Increase strength of go on a tour o
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Be opposite to ensure the active management of special type equipment, division of inspect of ad hoc of organization of near future of bureau of qualitative inspect of gigantic wild county reachs superintendency station staff member, to the special type equipment of the key place such as the school, guesthouse, bazaar, piscina moving state undertook assault is checked.

Via checking discovery, still equipment of specific special type uses unit existence safety to manage a system to move not effectively, equipment did not press a regulation to watch of care and maintenance, pressure cannot press periodic calibrating or break accurate, boiler water level plan the problem such as indication faintness. To the unit of existence problem, this bureau and nowadays amounted to book of safe and censorial instruction, and deadline is rectified and reform. At the same time this bureau leader asks the staff member wants to increase the strength of go on a tour of inspection that uses an unit to special type equipment, discover hidden danger in time and undertake to putting the hidden trouble that be in to administer a case superintend and director guides, “ looks round ” , make check the job to fall to real point, ensure entire county is using the moving security of special type equipment.

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