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County of peaceful city of bare peak city removes dust to boiler farther overhau
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Recently, day of county of peaceful city of bare peak city justice town the city zone on time heating while pay attention to beaded finish condition to protect the job, let the indoor warmth of the dweller, cleanness outdoor, built good job and surroundings for the dweller.

Be in charge of a branch in heat addition of peaceful city county support energetically and supervise effectively below, peaceful city county enterprise of a few main heat addition reachs heating equipment overhaul transform as working key, make deposit of good coal fired ahead of schedule, ensure successive heating.

Ning Cheng is opposite actively before heating boiler removes dust farther overhaul maintains the system, detect to what desulphurization dust catcher has comprehensive system, ensure soot, SO2 amounts to mark to discharge, father to discharge waste gas, soot, liquid waste close, build clean air to enrage environmental place for the dweller. Company of wide couplet heating power returns Ning Cheng to be sewage cent boiler blowdown water and liquid waste of saline fluid preparation, before emiting into municipal sewage conduit, to the PH of catchment the value undertakes detecting regularly, amount to mark back row to put, build clean surroundings for the dweller.

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