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Inspection of boiler of qualitative inspect winter is taken " ill " earthy boile
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26 days, the area just outside a city gate pledges division of equipment of inspect substation special type began the special inspection before winter boiler moves, two earthy boiler that take “ ill ” to move are investigated that day.

26 days morning, execute the law personnel is in south the discovery when the beach is checked in room of some village boiler, management of boiler room interior does not reach the designated position, fireman is versed in those who use is invalid certificate, boiler is main component label is not clear, boiler is taking reluctance of “ ill ” to move, execute the law personnel makes stop secure of the personnel that do not have card at once, close down this boiler. Subsequently, examination staff is in Gong Shangen 3 villages one uptown the discovery around, this are uptown the boiler that uses heat addition water did not have regular inspection unexpectedly, relief valve door is altered by person privately, fireman labour also is not taken go out to handle card effectively. As we have learned, this the key of safe big examination is heating boiler, bathroom boiler and food production what use boiler, the main content of the examination is superintend and director the main body responsibility that closes to use unit fulfils boiler safety to manage, the safety before beginning boiler to use is checked oneself from correct, enclothe in the round, do not take dead space. Two units already disobeyed above " safety of special type equipment is censorial byelaw " concerned regulation, execute the law the branch will do further processing to should violating compasses act.

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