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Shanghai is electric project of first wind cable joins movement in Shanxi
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A few days ago, by Shanghai electric group bear electric field of the right jade in Shanxi Taiyuan, Ping Lufeng holds the project of EPC of first wind report that build group of first wind electric machinery casts carry to start a ceremony. This is Shanghai electric those who make green electric power be stridden is important one pace. Capacity of aircraft of this project general assembly is 75 thousand kilowatt, by composition of group of electric machinery of 60 1.25MW wind, always invest 750 million yuan. So far, field of wind of Ping Lu, right jade already installed 9 aircrew and 10 set respectively, 2 aircrew realized field of right jade wind and the net generates electricity. Predict field of before this year December two wind 60 typhoons aircraft will be total and the net generates electricity, become Shanxi to save first wind-force to send electric field.

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