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Lafajiruian quickens high-tech cement plant to build
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Le Feng says, insist to carry out since Lafaji is long-term can develop the strategy continuously, the industry model that makes responsibility of society of environmental protection, enterprise and business management field hard. Lafaji can develop distant view ” continuously in the “2012 that started in May 2007 in the plan, give commitment to management, environmental protection and enterprise society responsibility, include to answer global climate among them the calefacient, goal that establishs biology diversity and safeguard employee health and safety.

Specific in energy conservation and environmental protection respect, lafaji plans 2010, with compared 1990, the discharge capacity of every tons of cement clean carbon dioxide inside alive bound limits decreases 20% (already finished 2007 decrease a platoon 16% ) , of business of cement of will industrialized country always discharge absolutely decrease 10% (already finished 2007 decrease a platoon 5% ) ; 2005~2012 year, the dust of plant of plan general cement discharges Lafaji reduce 30% , azotic oxide is discharged reduce 20% , 2 oxidation sulfur is discharged reduce 20% .

Current, already 3 factories ran more than heat to generate electricity project, the more than heat that additionally two plants still will start inside year generates electricity project, average every factory invests 60 million ~9000 10 thousand yuan, every more than heat generates electricity the project can reduce carbon dioxide every year to discharge 70 thousand ~9 10 thousand tons. All factories all use desulphurization gesso to regard clinker as additive, save 260 thousand tons of natural gesso every year, install the conformity with cement fast and effective plant to former luck through Lafaji, the dependability of dry method kiln and resource utilization rate get rising considerably, 2006~2008 year, the dependability of dry method kiln and utilization rate from 69.1% rise 73.6% , economic coal of 8845 tons of mark or reduce 22 thousand tons of carbon dioxide discharge, section report 20 million kilowatt hour.

Fulfilling social responsibility respect, to 2008 the end of the year, play law radical woman senior administrator amount will increase one times than 2003, to 2010, the professional health that is restricted for lowest with examination of fixed medical treatment is made plan inside group limits, to 2010, will popularize the practice experience that prevents AIDS and malaria in Africa to the main developing country of company business seat. From 2007 up to now, lafajiruian all sorts of contributory or assistance adds up to more than 1 million yuan. “5·12” short of Wenshui River plain after earth shake, lafajiruian started crisis management instantly, to disaster area contribution 15 million yuan, to the river oil that is located in continous this world city is mixed many 4000 masses of river lasher city offer water, food to reach temporarily tent, for stricken be hit by a natural adversity employee investment build has 321 to find a place for the “ of the room pulls ” of law radical home. They are contributive still 1 million yuan are held obtain employment and again obtain employment grooms class, increase the obtain employment capacity of local community personnel.
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