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Lafajiruian quickens high-tech cement plant to build
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Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain the Lafajiji that arrives at disaster area quickly to see employee is round after earth shake president holds presiding apparitor Le Feng concurrently (BrunoLafont) , lie between when mere 4 many months, come to China again, attend Lafajiji round in Guizhou abide by 3 fork press down justice county the start working ceremony of product line of new-style cement working a way, and factory of the mountain austral Chongqing branch more than heat generates electricity and the city is silty deal with the celebration activity that the project begins to move. This showed Lafajiruian accelerates the high-tech cement plant with energy-saving and efficient construction, implementation its cement is produced can break up after 3 years time determination. Round executive vice-president holds Ma Zhengji of Chongqing city deputy mayor, Lafajiji concurrently Mianda of president of cement branch combination (IsidoroMiranda) , Lafajiruian cement is presiding apparitor Hua Gusai.

One share of the strategy expands in China as Lafajiruian, product line of 3 fork town predicts Guizhou 2010 the beginning of the year is formal put into production, day produces cement grog 4600 tons, cement year productivity exceeds 2 million tons, the more than heat of its form a complete set generates electricity the project predicts generating capacity amounts to 7.5 million tile. After building, will be the more than heat with the cement product line with the largest amount and the largest scale is produced per year to generate electricity inside Guizhou Province project, after predicting put into production can use broken bits of deserted industry makings every year 760 thousand tons, the cement that makes Lafajiruian is in Guizhou area is produced per year can achieve 5.7 million tons.

By in material is energy-saving development limited company bear factory of the mountain austral the Chongqing that build more than heat generates electricity after the project moves, annual but section report restricts 45 million kilowatt hour, year the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon many tons 70 thousand. This project by in energy-saving company EPC always hires capable person, 11 months when using. Generate electricity like such more than heat project, lafajiruian had invested 5 in China, additionally 4 are Chongqing respectively is special of water works, Sichuan a Jiang Yan factory and factory of county of a kind of jade, far factory of Yunnan. Factory of county of a kind of jade and the more than heat that opens far plant generates electricity the project is current already complete put into production, other more than heat generates electricity the project also will be thrown in a year of inland add use. South the city of mountain factory is silty deal with the project is developed jointly by Lafajiruian and bureau of Chongqing city environmental protection, always invest 6.5 million yuan, predict to be able to deal with every year silty 36 thousand tons, served local community not only, also make the factory reduced coal to use up, reduced carbon dioxide to discharge.
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