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Riverside liquid waste takes off nitrogen to reach in water is answered with eng
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A few days ago, river mouth of Home Zhang harbor liquid waste of “ of stainless steel limited company takes off nitrogen to reach in water is answered with project ” formal break earth, this project invests 7.5 million dollar, it is river mouth of Home Zhang harbor stainless steel limited company is in energy-saving those who decrease a platoon to go up another with great quantity.

Current, river mouth of Home Zhang harbor the stainless steel product that stainless steel limited company produces uses anhydrous pure nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid to mix acerbity method to undertake the surface clean to stainless steel, the total nitrogen in the pickling liquid waste that generates is main the nitrate nitrogen that origin is anhydrous pure nitric acid, basis now the craft of each factory water treatment, cannot achieve Jiangsu to save environmental protection policy to concern a requirement. To be with the person with our city “ this, preferential, intensive develops environmental protection the development concept of ” conforms, consider from long-term development at the same time, aggrandizement is energy-saving decrease a platoon, enhance sewage to govern ability, this company investment built project of form a complete set of this sewage disposal.

Introduce according to this company controller, “ liquid waste takes off nitrogen to reach in water is answered plan with project ” in November 2009 bottom, part by March 2010 finishing devoted use. Build the system taking off nitrogen after finishing to basically wait for a part to comprise by anoxic pool, good oxygen pool, sedimentation basin, day handles liquid waste 2900 tons, time with rate achieve 60% , but the loop that utmost accomplishs natural resources of manufacturing area water is used, the “ that realizes resource of sewage of area under administration adequately uses ” 2 times.

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