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Simple and practical dynamoelectric calabash slip installs a method
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Simple and practical dynamoelectric calabash slip installs a method
In the building materials enterprise such as cement, dynamoelectric calabash application is wide. Grind plane position especially breakdown of dynamoelectric calabash slip happens from time to tome, to the overhaul the job brings inconvenience. The simple and practical installation method that introduces design of a kind of our proper motion now

Much installation of 1) dynamoelectric calabash is on U orbit, be aimed at this characteristic, decorate tightwire in orbit among, i-steel upside. Tightwire uses Q~10mm wire rope or round steel, upright ministry originallies closely with bolt of a basket of flowers.
2) slides annulus is buckled for two cirque photograph, have certain surplus, blow card in order to avoid tightwire. Turn to annulus to be linked together with bolt for two cirque, can turn freely.
3) changes to annulus one aspect of the matter to cover go up in tightwire, after taking good electromotor lead, cover oak the line is fixed in change annulus to the lower end. Wear one aspect of the matter of many slip annulus to tightwire, cover oak again line section is fixed in slip annulus lower end. Front receives electromotor, can move freely. Termination is after on power source.
4) falls in the drawing of electromotor, it is a center in order to turn to annulus, drawing tightwire is made linear or circular motion.
5) straight path also can use above method.
This method is simple easy travel, cost is low. Begin to use from 2002, did not malfunction up to now. Eliminated before slip engages the short circuit of undesirable, down-lead, issue such as open circuit. Show wide already application, the result is favorable.

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