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Crane contactor brings the point of full inspection
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Crane contactor safety checks a point
1. The magnet contact area of crane contactor should want to be more than 75% , the magnet of contactor cannot quite askew, cannot have calorie of block quite, and magnet face should keep clean. Make sure short circuit ring is complete at the same time without block, magnet does not have intense noise.
2. Coil does not have leakage of electricity, fixed firm, calorific temperature should under 75 ℃ .
3. Disappear arc overspreads complete nondestructive, do not block contact, disappear arc is encircled not short circuit.
4. Touch file of hole of acupuncture point of drop of the copper on the head to make the same score, touch a head to grind smooth, mechanical intensity insufficient or when exceeding the journey to reach formulary numerical value, change to touch a head newly.
5. The width of the contact that touch a head of contactor should be more than 3/4.
6. Crane contactor touchs method of head pressure calculation:
Touch a head eventually Le/100(Le of pressure Fz=22.0.5 · : Rated electric current)
Touch Fe=0.5Fz of the pressure at the beginning of the head
7. Touch what the head should keep enough to leave to be apart from and exceed the journey.
8. Touch a head to contact a gender to put through namely at the same time deviation does not exceed 0.5mm.
9. Interlocking contact exceeds the journey to be 2-4mm, pressure is 1.3, 2.5N.
10. Action of requirement crane contactor is light and quick, bearing needs to often be cheered lubricant.
11. Turn anyway the mechanical interlock of contactor should be adjusted proper, when a contactor touchs a head to will be contacted, of another contactor touch a head not to close, its clearance is not less than 3mm.
12. Maintain each thrum not to loosen to be not burned, screw close week, each insulation part keeps clean.

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