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The gantry crane coils buy of traditional thread binding
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The gantry crane coils buy of traditional thread binding. Dark industry business is in the swing of former board square and put in outfit respect 's charge, already all realized mechanical operation, use multiform gantry crane to undertake log assembles and unassemble exercise already became main trend.

Of 1 problem put forward
Current, it is field of lay aside art no matter, still be technique talent processing factory, uses door type crane, its power supply system uses the cable that draw a line to come true mostly, this is producing the spot commonly can satisfy manufacturing operation to need. But in some places (if peaceful,change lumber of integrated processing factory become a useful person the spot) have log swing gantry crane and become a useful person phenomenon of exercise of across of swing gantry crane, the cable drawing a line that causes a gantry crane cannot erect. Such, the power supply problem that how solves a gantry crane becomes urgent matter.

The composition of unit of 2 wires cable
Roll wire cable unit is main by roll the line dials slip ring of line, carbon brush, Zhang Jin adjustment 4 parts composition. Its fundamental and working circumstance are: Drive a line chain wheel by passive axis chain wheel, make coil line annulus makes circular motion, implementation coils line and the job that put a line; The movement that move a line is by power of supply of chain wheel crossing the bridge, adopt gear axis and columnar gear speed change, repass bevel gear axis and the inverting of round bevel gear, drive little chain wheel, make 3/4 sleeve roller chain makes circumferential reciprocate, use install what go up in chain to dial claw to make dial line wearing to do linear reciprocate, order about cable equably next twine coiling on line annulus; The action of carbon brush slip ring is the work station that sends rotational cable power supply reliably toward gantry crane top. Coil to adjust cabled yarn of line annulus electrify each between the difference of round circumference, eliminate passivity annulus to turn and make because of be being lost sometimes cable appears to cross a pine or tighten a phenomenon too, be in a place of hub of line chain wheel, added surmount clutch, use its character to cooperate to hold the Zhang Jin construction inside floodlight tower, adjust the degree of tightness of cable, because cable passes to loosen and pull cable too generation line ball, closely,avoided so, the influence is produced and create the problem such as pecuniary loss. Roll after wire cable unit is installed, experiment via relapsing for many times, each share movements accords with a design to ask, its result is favorable after formal put into production is used.

The advantage of 3 wires cable
Roll the development of wire cable unit, solved already be badly in need of, the open up of power supply method that is a gantry crane again a new way. Pass practice proof of a few years, device has a wire cable that we use the following advantage:
① structure is compact, decorate reasonable, economic data, use on the safe side, maintenance to go to the lavatory, need not extra power can achieve a string.
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