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Crane fights wind problem and collective character
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Crane combats wind problem

1 crane combats wind problem put forward
The problem defying wind of crane, it is the serious problem that crane designs, concerned safe standard and regulation, specific the establishment of the safety that defy wind that stipulated crane should be had. But, the wind damage accident of crane of large-scale harbor orbit happens from time to tome, crane of serious duration stage collapses together the sea.
Before the accident, reason doubts original provision and academic validity, although offer new theory, roll out the new unit that defy wind, also be understandable. Analyse accident reason carefully objectively however, search the collective office of the accident, scientific and solve a problem thoroughly, more beneficial.

2 crane fight the common feature of wind accident
What is the common feature of the accident? It is spot of disaster caused by a windstorm the ration about wind is very ambiguous, say wind is very big, however everybody says not cool breeze after all how old. But, local atmosphere respect does not have very big wind, exceed 12 level for example. The photograph of disaster caused by a windstorm place, kinescope comparing expresses the description about various wind to wind scale of cattail family name, the wind of all trouble spot does not exceed 1O level. Is the wind of this kind of level blown how possibly turn over crane? Confused people puts forward, the wind of wind damage site, not be prevailing wind, however Biao line wind, also have saying is tornado a kind wind. Perhaps be to have this kind of wind, but this kind of wind is blown technically toward crane it seems that, the tree that although be in nearly,veries close, building, however can escape by the skin of one's teeth, have bit of odd rather.
The collective place of the accident still depends on all crane that are blown to break up by wind, before overset the ground experienced exception of all without exception to glide process.

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