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Crane fights wind principle and windbreak measure
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The crane of current popularity fights wind method, the altogether that ignored an accident is the same as a dot, adopted the measure that increases design wind speed. Crane user often puts forward 50m / Sec, 55m / Sec, even the wind speed of 7Ore / See is numeric, the architect is not these wind speed the job to design wind speed processing as crane directly. Blow in so big wind piece below, the blame job stability of crane is insufficient, appeared then a kind of new safety device against wind -- the root of fangfeng draws demand. This kind of device is together crane and dock repeatedly, when fresh gale, the root of fangfeng is pulled all alone is down perpendicular force to crane, lean this power, weigh since be able to not to turn over. Of course, the root of fangfeng pulls all alone to give port city at the same time up perpendicular force, this is so called " on unplug force " . Accordingly, dock architect must will original can bear only the design becomes the head of force of pressure, level to be able to bear even on unplug the structure of force.

The concept of 1 wind
Be necessary to summarize one ahull. Wind is a very complex natural phenomenon, wind speed is a volume that describes wind. The wind speed that often says, it is a kind of a general designation, of fractionize have instantaneous wind speed, 1 minute average fast, 10 minutes of 2 minutes of average wind speed, average wind speed. To same kind of wind, the numerical value of these a few kinds of wind speed is different, among them numerical value of instantaneous wind speed is the least, numerical value of 10 minutes of average wind speed is the greatest. Can use 5dm / Sec, sec of / of usable also 70m expresses same kind of wind. All trades and professions has respective computational wind speed. Construction industry, because construction quality is tremendous, with 10 minutes average wind speed makes calculation wind velocity is sounder. Crane industry, can make design computation wind speed with 2 minutes of average wind speed only. The wind speed that the user puts forward, numerical value is greater, it is instantaneous wind speed, not be 2 minutes of average wind speed, unfavorable guide instantaneous wind speed into crane continuously overall stability and computation of the design that defy wind. Now, the wind speed numerical value that the user offers is higher, do not mean wind bigger than once upon a time, also do not mean an user to fight wind to asked to rise to crane.

2 prevent glide
Crane defies wind, prevent capsize, the key is gliding at preventing.
Of crane glide have 2 kinds of cases, it is crane is in non operating state, crane is blown by wind and glide; Another kind is crane is in working status, sudden wind blows crane so that glide. When crane is in non operating state, major accident is blown to glide by wind, caused capsize finally.
Effective anchor can put an end to this kind of accident surely. Here proposal dock builds a respect to set anchor to decide hole more, let every crane can anchorage calm. If do not have enough much anchor decides hole, some haven use crane tightwire to be pulled in direction of horizontal edge course, also assured safety.
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