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Tower type crane transfers section application technology
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Tower type crane transfers section application technology
Before 1990, the city builds Beijing to be given priority to in order to build more, building construction time limit for a project is long, the building rents an industry to just start, amount of tower type crane is little, accordingly, purchased tower type crane all is walk type configuration, go after the largest construction to enclothe a face to ask in order to satisfy construction. From 20 centuries 90 time later period begins, urban construction is given priority to with changing extend, time limit for a project is very close, build construction demand to get used to earth, crane of spot tower type is installed with stationary more and much stage is configured, the demand rises heavy hoisting quickly. During this, building construction equipment rents development of industry high speed, amount of tower type crane jumps, majority of purchased tower type crane is stationary.
On one hand, the unused many tower type crane inside the construction machinery industry that rent walks base, take up a large number of capital are mixed deposit field, spend high specified amount charge of care and maintenance, and, be opposite every year even unused asset plan carry depreciation, increased a building to rent the management burden of the enterprise greatly; Put in need to be purchased for crane of stationary tower type again on the other hand walk the circumstance of base. Crane of type of existing tower of the burgeoning company that rent more than 60, walk base 21, all the time since existing crane of type of different type tower and walk the form a complete set of base uses an issue. For this, we are own research and development " transfer section " whole set technology, transfer through application section, make full use of long-term and unused asset, crane of type of fasten type tower is had walk type configuration, in the meantime, raised tower type crane main function, enhanced the market competition ability of tower type crane greatly.

Of 1 problem put forward
In July 2002 the middle ten days of a month, burgeoning construction head office drafts in air force project of building of experiment of the 4th institute installs crane of type of a tower, according to construction plan plan, investment of crane of type of tower of the middle ten days of a month will be used in August, time limit for a project 6 months. This building grows 130m, wide 25m, on the ground 4, brim tall 18m. Technical personnel is measured according to project general layout and swing of pattern plate component wait for a circumstance, classics analysis, the company can satisfy use requirement from crane of some C5015 tower type, because building length is bigger, tower type crane needs to press walk type installation. But the crane of C5015 tower type of the company is stationary configuration, if use large stationary tower type crane (be like HK40 / 21B model, load moment 295tm, lunar hire is made an appointment with 7. 50 thousand yuan) will replace walk the crane of C5015 tower type of type (load moment 100tm, lunar hire makes an appointment with 28 thousand yuan of) , cost is high, and be like new purchase walk base, criterion utilization rate is not high, and also do not allow on time.
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